Linda Gorrie - Nonprofit Consulting

I love helping organizations flourish.

Not-for-profits will often reach out to me because they know they need help to turn their organization around, but they just don’t know what isn’t working.

Whether it’s clarifying a mission, cleaning up financial processes, clearing leadership roadblocks or creating efficient systems, I personalize solutions to your unique situation, and I accompany you on the journey to implementing changes until you’re ready to fly on your own.

  • I recognize and build on your strengths.

  • I meet organizations where they are today.

  • I create solutions that simplify systems, achieve clarity in decision-making and streamline financial and internal and external reporting.

  • I assess and help you to understand what capacity building investments (time, money, people, systems) will have the biggest impact.

  • I empower not-for-profit leaders by providing guidance and tools to increase their financial, human resource and governance literacy.

It’s time to create SPACE for great things to happen.



Build and Grow - Linda Gorrie, Nonprofit Business Consultant

CAPACITY BUILDING AND PLANNING | To take your not-for-profit organization to the next level, I will coach you in Strategic Planning, Financial Literacy & Systems, as well as Business Systems & Management.


Transitions and Change - Linda Gorrie, Nonprofit Business Consultant

MENTORING AND COACHING | In times of transition and change, I can help your not-for-profit business by mentoring and coaching your emerging leaders, for both internal and external successions.


Diagnostics - Linda Gorrie, Nonprofit Business Consultant

NON-PROFIT LIFECYCLES MODEL | To achieve meaningful growth, I can provide a comprehensive organizational assessment. I will also perform an internal audit/review of your business, human resources and financial management practices.